Our process

Western Woodworks manufactures all shapes, sizes, and types of wooden and steel roof trusses for all of kinds of building structures. Each truss is custom designed, and manufactured by a professionally controlled process to achieve maximum accuracy and structural integrity.


We use only the highest quality lumber from mills all over Canada and Northern United States. Kiln dried spruce, pine, and fur are the most common types used.

Western Woodworks is very selective in choosing its lumber suppliers, and holds each to very high quality standards. Lumber that does not meet specifications is rejected at the cutting stage.

Design & Engineering

Our in house engineers assess the plans supplied and design an efficient truss system. An estimate is then provided for customer approval.

Field measurements are taken if necessary to ensure an accurate fit.

Our products are guaranteed to fit, and if a problem arises it will be corrected in a timely manner.



Western Woodworks invest in state-of-the-art equipment for its manufacturing plant and continuously evaluates new equipment for its potential to streamline the manufacturing process. Our equipment ensures accurate lumber cuts, precise production, minimal waste, and maximum speed – all without compromising our exacting quality standards. The time and money we save along the way are passed to the customer in the way of quick turn around times and high value for a competitive price.


Western Woodworks guarantees its delivery when promised.

Our trusses are delivered to site on flat deck roll-off trailers. Our dedicated drivers have 50 years of experience and safety and on-time delivery are top-priorities.

Layout drawings are provided to ensure accurate placement of trusses and proper installation occurs.